APLA CPR Dog Roster

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3 Ring Annabell Elrod2982CPR
3 Ring Kavara2976CPR
3 Ring Rising Ember2980CPR
3466No Limits Lady in Red Arya3466CPR
A OK Snoop Dog704CPR
Aaron's Sweet Whistlin RUGER2439CPR
Abigale DIS Dreaming of Greenwings2878CPR
Accumarks Blazing Striker---CPR
Ace's Grace of Bearpoint1773CPR
Ace's Scout Buddy3065CPR
Ace Pt. Rip'n Ashley916CPR
Ace Pt. Smokin' Molly915CPR
Acie The Mocha Lady of Windy Ridge135CPR
Acorn Acer's Yankee Jeter1344CPR
Admiral Express Doc1185CPR
Admiral Express Rocky Scout1337CPR
Advantage Calamity Jane3244CPR
Advantage Elle Dumont3238CPR
Advantage of Blue Duck2402CPR